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This incredible property is only minutes from Temecula. Pass by unbelievable vistas to Rainbow Heights Rd and your acres of solitude.

Call Fred Gardner at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 951-440-0964 for more information.


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Make $100,000 in 30 days

A recent example of how you can make $100,000 in 30 days is detailed below.

Right now, as of 9/27/2010 there is a Bank Owned residential property listed for sale for $161,590. Now that is interesting but not real impressive by itself. When you add that it is 3773 square feet of living space and nearly 2000 square feet of garage on nearly an acre of land, you become more interested. However, when you analyze the market and realize that this house is valued at $268,000, you become excited. This home has $106,000 of equity already built into the price.

Golden Sunset Properties finds these properties for you, analyzes the potential and presents them to you for possible investment. GSP does the groundwork and you review and make the investment decision.

The residential property mentioned above has additionally been reviewed for any rental potential. In this real estate market, rentals are very strong as more of us are moving from the homes we owned to rentals, to either downsize or reduce our costs. This house, in this area, can attract $2500 per month in rent. That equates to $30,000 per year revenue. Financing this house at 5% interest would cost $1500 per month with nothing down. This creates a positive cash flow of $1000 per month.

Ok, so you say there has to be a catch. Nothing is this good. Well your wrong. This is a Bank Owned home that was foreclosed and put up for sale in the last week. Its in a great area. It is a brand new home construction that was 95% complete except for the carpet, countertops and landscaping. It is estimated that $30,000 will finish it and allow you to sell or rent it on the real estate market to the general public.

Golden Sunset Properties will perform the ground work for you and present you with properties similar to this in Southern California or you can learn yourself how to do this and become your own boss.

Call us to register you for a free meeting on how you can find properties, learn how to analyze the profit potential and locate investors and buyers. This is a free meeting to introduce you to the methods that anyone can employ to make money in this market. You do not have to have your own money. There has never been a real estate market with this much potential for investors in the last 50 years. Come and learn how to take advantage of this situation in the next meeting on Thursday 9/30/2010. Call Fred or Bobbie at 951 977-1653 for free registration for the free 2 hour meeting.



Free Meeting to learn the techniques that anyone can do without your own money

CALL 951 977-1653


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