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The housing market inventory in Murrieta and Temecula is at a 5 month high.



Open House at 40219 Donomore Ct, Temecula – Sat/Sun 12-4 pm – $405,000

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After a sharp decline in October of 2014 it has climbed back above 2010 levels. This is good news to buyers who are looking for their dream home in the terrific Murrieta-Temecula Valley area of the Inland Empire. Some might think that available housingĀ is a good thing but the financing is hard to get. As a Consultant Realtor in this area, I am not seeing that. Actually the Interest rate is still at the lowest levels in 70 years and financing is available with 3% down on a FHA or Conventional Loan. It could go a low as a .5% down FHA through many Mortgage companies if you qualify using their down payment assistance programs. Many home owners from the 2008-2009 who suffered through the recession now have a great opportunity to purchase another home.

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Housing Trends for Murrieta


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